Saturday, December 22, 2012

A story

It was 21st of December 2012. It was the doomsday predicted by the Mayans. I remembered it like the hair on my neck. The horror and chaos. It was the end of the world for me. Even if I'm the only person who survived the last day of earth, it worth nothing compared to the tragedy that happened on that day.

I was just sitting on the couch playing 'Subway Surfer' on my Samsung Note II. It was hell of a game as I was going to beat the world's record. I was running with a score of 899 987 081 before I've been caught by the madman chasing behind. I snapped out of my fantasy and began to look around the hall room. It's empty. My parents had gone to work. My sister got swimming class and the hall was a wreck since I had thrown a party last night. It was my job to clean it. However, it will turn to no avail as I am a lazy bum at home.

Out of the blue, my phone rang. It triggered an impulse that transmitted to my sensory nerves and reached the inter neuron to send an impulse to my finger to swipe the screen and answered it quickly. A familiar voice came through the phone.

'Firdaus, are you free today? Can we watch a movie? I'm bored to the max at home. Need time with you to cool me down. Can we? Please dear?' asked her.

It was my girlfriend, I answered yes without thinking that I have to clean the hall room before leaving. Sadly, it just have to be done. I put on my 'cleaning gear' a pair of gloves, a face mask, a lovely pink apron. Geared with a cleaning mop, vacuum cleaner. I looked like 'Super Maid'. Afterwards, I started to clean the whole pile of dump up. Less than 30 minutes. The hall was clean and shiny. Like a futuristic home in Spongebob Squarepants episode 32.

Quickly, I rushed to the bathroom. Bathed and getting ready for my date with her. Wearing a pair of jeans, a three quarter gray shirt, hot red shoes. I started the car's engine. Warm it up a little and went to her place in a 15 minutes to pick her up. She was waiting in front of her yard. Wearing a blue dress matched with a cream jacket and 2 inch tall heels. She came to me and pinched me on the cheek.

'You're late dear, and WHY IS IT?' she asked.
'Remember the party last night? The hall was like Tom's garbage bin. I have to clean the mess up before meeting you or else. Facing the music when ma and pa get back from work. You don't want me to get scold do you?' I answered fluently.

She sighed. Got in the car and I drove to the nearest cinema in town thinking not to use to much petrol on the car. Suddenly she asked 'Can we go to another cinema please? I have a bad feeling of going here'.

'Rest assure, it is going to be fine my love. Everything is completely fine'. I answered.
She nodded signaling as a yes, I searched for an empty parking space to park my father old Mini Cooper that he gave to me properly and as we got of the car she said ' I Love You dear, sorry for all my mistakes'.
I asked why and she said it  just came through her mind to say it. Then, we went to the ticket booth to buy 'The Hibbot'. It was said one of the best movie made by mankind. I treated her for the ticket and the movie will start an hour afterwards.

We decided to grab something to eat so we ate the cafe there. The cafe was really near to the car. So we ordered our meal and sat beside the window when suddenly, she asked for the keys to take her hand phone that was left in the car. I insisted her so that I can get it for her. However she wanted me to stay to take the order once it's done. I handed her the keys. She crossed the road and entered the car. The order ring bells and I took our food and sat. I looked through the mirror and saw her struggling from letting her hand bag from being robbed. I ran as fast as I could to her.

There were two bandits one on the motorcycle and one robbing my girlfriend. I flew to the robber and give him a massive solid flying kick right into his abdomen. The robber fought back and we battled in an unarmed combat battle. I was going to win the fight when suddenly my girlfriend screamed. The robber's friend caught her and he got a knife against her neck.

'Let my friend go and her life will be spared'. He said.

Quickly I let his friend go away and he grabbed my girlfriend's hand bag. He got on his bike and shouted for his friend who was threatening my girlfriend's life.

'You'll be sorry for what you've done boy! Now here's your prize!'. He shouted.
Then, he acted beyond my expectations. He stroke his knife towards my girlfriend's back. Two deadly strokes that could kill anyone in mere time. Then, he got away with his friend. I was stoned to the ground.

I saw her. She screamed, she sprawled to the ground onto her pond of blood that was violently flowing fast from the cuts that she had. I knelt to the ground. I could not do nothing. I was mentally traumatized, I could not do nothing. I knocked out from consciousness.

A white light came trough my vision. I saw her. She was in white clothing and she said. 'Firdaus, thanks for everything. I'll never regret the time we spent and all the memories we have been done together. Sorry for everything. I love you. I'm leaving now. Take good care of yourself Firdaus. Goodbye.' She disappeared into thin air.

I was shocked and eventually regain consciousness. I was in a hospital. outside an operation room. I saw her family beside me. Her father with the lion's anger on his face. Her mother crying on his shoulder. I was worried. I ran into the operation room and the doctor switched off the operation lights. He came to me and said. 'She's gone.'

I was shocked. I burst into tears and ran towards the dying body of her. I screamed helplessly. No one could ever replace her. If I just listened to her earlier. If I was not to stubborn to listen to her. If just I could reverse back the time. If just. I cried beside her corpse. It was a signal earlier. But I didn't care. I lost her. Forever and never returning back. she died in front of me.

I left the surgery room without knowing her family were rushing in. I could not bare a second more knowing she died. I drove my car home called my closest friends and told them what happened. Some gave me hope to live some could not care less and scolded me saying it was all my fault. I lived in agony and fear after that day. I were never meant to love another. It was the end of my love story after she died. 


  1. I love this story. Nice!. But, sad ending? Oh, come on :'( . Wait, is this story real or you created it by your own? I'm sorry. Just a little confusing ;)

  2. Awesome story. Tulis lagi cerpen macam ni kalau ada masa :)