Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey people. Just a boring post on any ordinary day that everyone have to face and yada yada yada....

When I was working at KRR. It gave me lots of experiences. HAHA. yeah right experiences. Just gave me to see people perspective. One customer had a nice talk with me when ordering.

Me : Order Sir?
Customer : bla bla bla bla ( In Chinese)
Me: sorry sir can you speak in Malay or English?
Customer : Eh. You're not Chinese ah? Looked like my niece. Very small eyes and tanned skin.
Me : Haha. No lah sir. Saya ni Melayu. Mata sepet gene tersesat kot. 
Customer : Laugh
Me : Okay sir, nak order apa?
Customer : Quarter Meal Chicken, Americano, Banana Muffin, Coleslow, BBQ Beans, Mashed Potato.
Me: Apa-apa lagi sir?
Customer : Saya nak tanya, BBQ Beans tu, Baru buat ke apa?
Me : Oh, saya buat pagi tadi sir dekat belakang. Sedap lagi. 
Customer : Mashed ?
Me : Pun pagi tadi punya. (It really is)
Customer : Okay. Siapkan cepat ha. Saya ni busy punya orang.
Me : Thank You sir. Kejap eh? Saya pergi buat
Customer : Saya suka awak lo. Baik, tak macam server dekat .............
Me : Thanks sir.

And later on pergi buat makanan cina tu.

Yaa. The only Chinese customer that gave compliments toward my serving. Okay. It was very nice of him and it made my day and also. He gave me a tip of RM 5. :3

Nahh. Actually he is the first customer of the day and what to do? Treat him really nice and nice things will come back to us. Trust me it will. :)

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